Duplication of any 356 body part, bracket or mechanism is available from our fabrication shop. Please inquire for other standard or specialty items that you may require for your restoration project.

For the 356 GT
  • Louvered Aluminum Deck Lid*
  • Louvers for Steel Deck Lids
  • Deck Lid Screen
  • Aluminum GT Mirror Covers & Mirrors
  • Roll Bar with Stub Ends*
  • Finned Gas Cap - 356 & 904 Styles
  • Gas Filler Neck & Rain Tray*
  • Oil Tank Screen & Bracket*
  • Brake Backing Plate Conversions
  • Bumper Deco*
  • GT Make-overs
  • Drum Brake Wheel Spacers & Long Studs
  • Leather Window Straps & Hardware

-All Work Performed By European Craftsmen-
*Installation Available

Racing/Restoration Products and Services:
  • Wood Steering Wheel Restoration and Refinishing
  • Zenith 32NDIX racing modifications
  • Performance Exhaust Tip
  • Starter Service
  • 6V Rebuilds, 12V conversions


Products released in 2004:      
  • Aluminum Tonneau with Headrest
  • 'A' Tow Hooks & Tie Downs
  • Plexiglass Windows for All Models
  • Speedster Plexiglass Windscreen
  • GPE Performance Shock Absorbers (Made in Holland)
  • Front and Rear Torsion Bar